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This week we have watched this short film, ‘The Road’s End.’ We have then planned, written and published response pieces of writing. Head over to the student’s blogs to see their response pieces of writing.

Here is one written by Ethan O.


The Roads End is a short film, created by Bri Meyer in 2011. Grade 5/6 B viewed this short film in class. Overall, The Roads End for me was a well set out film.

The Roads End begins with a mysterious man hoping into a car. After that the driver tries to start a conversation with the man. Next the mysterious man turns over and the driver looks straight into his googles. Keep watching for the creepy ending.

Positive things about this short film were how the man didn’t speak, because it made him a bit creepy for the driver. The Roads End was set in a good place for the way the film was made, the cliff made the perfect setting for the accident. The driver being worried about the man made him the best victim in this short film. Negetive things about The Roads End are there was’nt enough detail in the film like how did the mysterious man get out of the car in time. It needs to show more. Another thing is that the man did’nt speak they should let him speak just a little bit to give this film a bit more voice.

To be Honest, The Roads End ia a mysterious short film. To make this film better they should put more detail at the end. I rate The Roads End a 7/10. Go and watch The Roads End to see it for yourself.

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