Science Week-WCB

On Wednesday the 16th August the Grade 5s went to Weeroona for Science week. We arrived around quarter past 12. First Mr Freeman came over to the bus stop we had to wait about 5 min. Mr Freeman walked us all over to the science room. When we got there we split up into our classes but Mr Mac’s grade got split up into two. We drew scientific drawings of creatures. Then we watched a video of how zebras got their stripes and buterflies and after that video was a video about lizard’s and giraffes. Then we swapped over and we did acids and bases, MnM experiment, microscopes, magnet experiment and an electricity experment. The MnM experiment is when you choose 4 or 5 MnMs and put two drops of water on each MnM and put the lid on the contaner. Then we went back to school in the rain. It was a great day!  From Rebecca, Trae and Blake.

One thought on “Science Week-WCB

  1. Hi, my favourite activity was the magnets experiment because it was fun. It was hard not to eat the MnMs. From Brandon

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